"Once a Pike, Always a Pike"

Our Purpose

The Gamma Epsilon Alumni Association is a voluntary non-profit organization whose members are alumni of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. Our Association exists to strengthen the bonds of fellowship among the Pi Kappa Alpha community associated with Utah State University. Today, Pi Kappa Alpha as an international body totals over 250,000 alumni. The Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered in 1925 and has since initiated over 2,000 Pikes. The Association aims to preserve the bonds that were formed between these men so many years ago.

Our History

The Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity began as the Pi Zeta Pi Fraternity, a local fraternity at Utah Agricultual College. Its constitution was written in December of 1905.

In 1915 the Pi Zeta Pi’s became interested in joining Pi Kappa Alpha when they received an invitation from the Alpha Tau Chapter of the University of Utah.

Ten years later, in 1925, support rallied from various Pi Kappa Alpha Chapters in the Rocky Mountain Region and Pi Zeta Pi became Pi Kappa Alpha on 11 June 1925. The first Pi Zeta Pi member to become a member of Pi Kappa Alpha was Willard Knowles and the first Gamma Epsilon pledge initiated was David B. Haight.

Undergraduate Chapter

PIKE is the place where students become scholars, members become leaders, jocks become athletes, and most importantly, young men become gentlemen. Relationships and associations will influence what these young men become.

Pi Kappa Alpha remains among the best organizations on North American campuses:

  • Largest average chapter size
  • Majority of chapters post GPAs above campus and Greek averages
  • $2+ million raised for philanthropies in annually
  • Over 300,000 community service hours performed annually
  • 10 executive leadership positions and 16 committee chair positions in each chapter

Our Creed

We believe in the importance of virtue and commit to living the values of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. We recognize that truth is the foundation of all lasting association, and we will seek wisdom and knowledge while serving others in modesty and dignity.

Recalling that Pi Kappa Alpha is a lifelong commitment, I therefore reaffirm to live my life with honor and courage seeking the inherent worth in each person I meet; to accept all brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha in love and friendship; and to serve my faith, my family, my community, my alma mater, and my Fraternity.

Only then, by living these virtues, will we realize our fullest potential.